Photography Class


So this was my first time in class, and o my god it took forever for this day to come. This one of class I so badly want to go and I’m glad I made here. I love taking photos and editing them.

After everyone arrived and sat down the teacher started to talk about what we were going to do today. We often have a big class, which is great and I really hope you enjoy the classes I do. Because there’s so many of us this means there’s also different levels of photography ability. I do believe in being challenged helps you learn well. So sometimes my assignments are complicated but I will always offer an easier task too. If in a class you feel frustrated please IM me, don’t leave or feel you can’t do it. I will always help. I have to make sure everyone learns and enjoys the class of all abilities. I’m still learning too! so we can all learn from each other. So today it is a fun relaxing class, we’re going to a water park and I’d like you to take a photo of you having a good time! when there you need to wait for me and no talking to strangers. The wind light which works well with water is the Nams ones nams beach scene looks nice in ultra. but be creative. I will pay for you all to get an expression hud if you don’t have one already, take a photo of you pulling a silly face… happy face, scared face.. anything!


Name: Whispering Winds Location:

Then we were off on a field trip, I will tell you right now it was vert laggy for a lot of us. A lot of us were having a lot of issues. But we try to make it fun the best we could and went on two rides. It was hard to get a good photo when you’re moving, but I got two very nice ones out of like 50 photos. I had to take the ride at least 4 times before I was sure I got at least one good looking photo. And when trying to move your camera around well moving at the same time is like hades hard. For homework, we just had to finish with the photo and we could edit them too. Which is one of the many things I love to do!

Water Fun