Fisrt Astronomy Class


default-events.jpgAstronomy- Our teacher told us that we will explore our universe and its wonders together, we will be watching videos, we will have field trips and who knows….maybe we can even explore the moon or some other planets….

The first thing we learn? solar system! – The solar system is basically our Sun and everything that orbits around it i.e. planets – like our Earth – moons, asteroids, comets etc…. Spice System homework.png

But as the teacher was teaching us a child saw an Ouija board in the middle of the room, I being a brat said so I can summon ghost!. Ya, I complete derailing the classroom It was funny.  She tried to keep the class on track but we need a minute to get back one track. After she ask us who knows how many planets there are in our solar system? My guess was 230 plants. Teach said that a bit too much spice, I shrugged and giggled a bit. Then another two girls raise their hand and guessed, one said 8 and one said 15. The 8 one was corrected but it was fun to guess how many there are in our system.

imagesWhen someone tried to say their names they also listed Pluto and being smart pants I said the news said Pluto no planet anymore.  The teacher told me this, yep, that’s right. Pluto was a planet until 2006 when it was decided he was too small to be a planet and is now considered a dwarf planet. She then went on to tell us that there are 8 planets. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. And  Pluto was ex n. 9 planets now a dwarf. Planets2013

Also, she told us that our sun is our star, DAT ONE BIG STAR! She then said that it is also the most massive component of our solar system. DAT REALLY BIG. She then went on to ask which is the closest planet to the Sun? Some kids raised his hand and said, Mercury. Which was corrected! She then told us all that Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and also the smallest one. It almost has no atmosphere and the surface is full of impact craters! And it’s very hot on Mercury, but….. who knows which is the HOTTEST planet? Someone guessed snow white, I laugh so hard. Then someone said, Venus! which the teacher said it was corrected. Then she told us a little about Venus, the second planet from the sun is also the HOTTEST one. The temperature on its surface reaches 400°C – 752°F!!!


Then she went on to ask if anyone know which planets are considered “terrestrial” and which planets are called the “gas giants”? One kid said terrestrial planets are all the ones with rock as the surface. Which was half answered,  But a lot of us guessed and the little one said the gas plants fart a lot and the teacher said maybe the asteroids in the asteroids belt are giant universe beans. O did the class die of laughter, I couldn’t breathe it was so much fun in this class. Then she ask us if anyone know which one was gas planets? I then go on to answers and said: “THE ONE WITH RINGS ON THEM CAUSE ONE PUT A RING ON THERE FINGER” and the teacher facepalms and then someone adds don’t pull the finger! I think I derailed the class again. She then told us all that the gas giants are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune! All the other planets are called “Terrestrial” planets because their surface is mainly hard rock! Yes, our Solar System is full of mysteries… we will discuss them in our next classes! there is a LOT to talk about the Universe and what happens around us! Also, Did you know that our Solar System is commonly divided into two systems: the INNER and the OUTER system. One kid said it was like belly buttons and innny and outties.


The planets of the INNER system are the terrestrial ones, those closer to the Sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. The planets of the OUTER system are the gas giants: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The two systems are divided by the asteroids belt, Then she told us more about what asteroids are. They are mainly rocks that scientists said are debris that come from a planet that never formed. After that, she asked who knows how many moons there are in our solar system? Time for the guessing game, it took all of us a while to guess it but after a while, we got it right.  There are 140 moons in our solar system!  While the planets orbit around the Sun, the moon’s orbit around the planet they are closer to! Which Ours is the biggest terrestrial moon! I asked what is the biggest gas moon, she told us they really can’t be the moon on them cause they eat it ups.