Italian Class

This Class was a lot of fun, she allowed us all to ask how do you say this or that, and that was must of the class. But here are the word we learned in class, I was confused on some of it so I talk to a friend in the class. And after a bit, I was able to under and omgish I really do understand. Memory is going to be hard but at least I kind understand it mostly!

Thank you = grazie
you are welcome = prego
benvenuto to boy = welcome
benvenuta to girls = welcome
benvenuti to everyone = welcome
tutti = everyone
applauso = applause
Classmate = compagna di classe (singular – feminine) compagno di classe (singular – masculine)
Classmates = compagne di classe (plural – feminine) compagni di classe (plural – masculine)
Missing my only family= Manca la mia unica famiglia
i love you = ti amo
and= e
papa = pope
a = un
Universe= universo
Play= giocare
friend = amico (masculine)
friend = amica (feminine)
Hello = ciao
(elementary) teacher = il maestro (masculine) la maestra (feminine)
(middle school) teacher = il professore (masculine) la professoressa (feminine)
save me = salvami
help me = aiutami
smiles = sorrisi
she/he is smiling = lei sta sorridendo
hurry back = torna presto / fai presto
writing notes = prendere appunti
i am writing notes = io sto prendendo appunti
rainbow- arcobaleno
sparkles = Scintilla
I sorry = mi dispiace
brain = il cervello
Daddy= papy
my dad = mio papà
crazy (masculine) = pazzo
my =mio / mia
fountain= la fontana
carpet= tappeto
welcome back = bentornato(m) bentornata (f) bentornati (pm) bentornate (pf)
The carpet = il tappeto
faminine = A
masculine = O
pen = la penna
desk = il banco
principle = preside il preside (man) la preside (lady)
Mrs Principle = La signora preside
Mr Principle = il signor preside
I am dying laughing = sto morendo dal ridere
squillo = ring tone

HOMEWORK- For all those who finished the family tree good job, for all those who are new please try and do your family tree. I told her do you know that our family tree in SecondLife is more of a bush than a tree and title all mix-up. She laughed and told me to try my best.


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