Frist History Class

The last time they held the class they learned about Pirates, which I was not in there so I listen closely.  After a bit of an overview of last week, she then starts to get on to what we are going to learn today in class. And It was Amusement Parks!


She then ask us all if we know what an Amusement Park are, a lot of us said fun rides, fun place and lots of yummy foods. Then the teacher explains even more that amusement park is somewhere where you can go on rides, you can eat food, you can have fun and relax and have a good time with your family and friends. She then ask us all who here like roller-coasters? Somewhere all for the roller-coaster and others not so much. She then moves on to talk a bit more about amusement parks and about them.  So the amusement park evolved from three earlier traditions, the oldest being the periodic fair of the Middle Ages – one of the earliest was the Bartholomew Fair in England, which began in 1133.  Yes a very long time ago. By the 18th and 19th century the had turned into huge places of exactly what each of you said about amusement parks. The world’s oldest amusement park was called “The Hill” in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1583.

I of course as the teacher if she was born in that time and she said do I look super old, I know I’ve been sick but sheesh. We all die laughing and she looks in the mirror for a few secs and then we all commented on her look.  She then went on to tell us that by the 1860s and 1870s they had already started making mechanical rides, like the carousel!


But then someone raised their hand and ask if the old carnivals we like the amusements parks, the teach said kind but on a small scale. She then said the first Ferris Wheel was made in Chicago in 1893, so those have been around for awhile too. The very first Fair/Carnival was held that year in 1893 also in Chicago. The had something called a Midway, which had games, food, balloons and all that good stuff. Penny arcades and shows you name it. Which I was amazing for me cause I though china would have made the very first fair or carnival.  She then told us that some parks now use rides and attractions for educational purposes. Like Disney! They were the first to open a large-scale theme park built around education. Dinosaur World, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. All have parks and natural setting with animals you can learn about as well.


Walk Disney World was first and then it was followed by Epcot in 1982. Then there is also an amusement park called Holy Land USA and the Holy Land Experience.  She then ask us all if we know what it would teach, know of us got it right. So she told us it was built by Christians to teach about their religion.

Then the teacher told us about the last amusement back and it also her favorite parks Knotts Berry Farm. In the 1920’s Walker Knott and his family used to sell betties from a roadside stand, it grew huge when they started selling chicken dinners. Walker built a Ghost Town in 1940 using buildings relocated from the real old west towns! Then in 1986 they fenced off the farm and charged admission for the fist time and it because of an amusement park. She then told us that Snoopy and Charlie Brown live there. Which help me out because I was doing a puzzle early and forgot snoopy name so I was all happy about hearing this. The funny part is that the teacher told us that Snoopy the dog must spend his time eating.  Which was really fun when she said it, then someone said I thought that Snoop and they lived in Dorney park in Pennsylvania and she said it was made by the same people. Which was cool to know about!

knott farm
We then start to learn about our regional amusement parks as well as the first Six Flags park. Six Flags over Texas was opened in 1961 in Arlington Texas. Pretty sure he had 6 other parks, Georgia, St Louis, California, and a few others. Then in 1971, Disney opened the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom. Now we can forget about the little people, Silver Dollar City and Dollywood.


But rules first-   We all stick together. When you teleport in you stay still and let everyone rez. No one wanders off alone and you always make sure you are paying attention to me. Our trips have gone pretty well so far so I haven’t taken them away yet. As of now, potty break, snack and drink break and then we are off!

Once we teleport there she told us a little about this place- iVauxhall Gardens, founded in 1661 as one of the first pleasure gardens, The second influence was the pleasure garden. One of the earliest gardens was the Vauxhall Gardens, founded in 1661 in London. By the late 18th century, the site had an admission fee for its many attractions. It regularly drew enormous crowds, with its paths being noted for romantic assignations; tightrope walkers, hot air balloon ascents, concerts and fireworks providing amusement.

So first thing first who likes the big rides that go up and down and all around in circles? of course, a lot of us said ME!

After that ride, we all stand-up and we all were really dizzy but it was a lot of fun, standing there we all talk a bit well we try to get our heads back on us and stop feeling dizzy. Then we moved one, to the fun ride it was the water logs! She told us two kids at a time but someone decided he wants to go on the first ride no matter what! So there were three on a log instead of two. He scared the crap out of the teacher and us were all laughing our butts off.  The kid who went as a third wheel on that log ride after it was over he said he lost his marbles, and we all agreed.

Okay so we will do the Tilt A Whirl, The scrambler, The Gravatron and then the Zombie Coaster before we grab some grub and head back

One this ride we learned for sure that one kid can not really handle spinny ride very well, so teach told him no more spinny ride for him. Honestly, I couldn’t handle some of the rides other they go super spinny. After this ride once again we hand to stand for a second and try and find our center. Poor little ones, one was so dizzy he almost pass out and we just all laughed and try to help him out. But after that, we moved on! We then went on to the swing and o that was a lot of fun and so high up o my lord.

But Then it was  Time for the bumper Cars! The winner was Isabella after we all tried to attack each other wich was a lot of fun. Cause when your car health went down it blow up! But Then it was  Time for the bumper Cars! The winner was Isabella after we all tried to attack each other wich was a lot of fun. Cause when your car health went down it blow up!

THEN IT WAS TIME FOR THE ZOMBIE RIDE, WHICH WAS A LOT OF FUN, THE BEST RIDE THERE! Zombie Apocalypse – The Ride!! Controller: Ok.. LISTEN UP!! – If you want to survive this thing.. why the hell did you come here?? Too late for that, I guess.. be warned.. the whole city is in turmoil! There are infected EVERYWHERE!! Be CAREFUL!! – oh.. and DON’T GET BIT!! The Teacher was screaming, one was cover their eyes and other were throwing things. It was so funny! Poor Isbella got so scared she held on to me, I think I lost my a lot of need blood in my arm (lol). The Teacher also said THERE MY PANDA NOT YOURS, AND throw her shoes at the zombie attacking us. I just sat there laugh my but off and comforting poor isabella. One of the kids said NOT THE SHOES THEY PRECIOUS and I just laugh think what life not important. Laughs I then start in and screamed at them saying. LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE, and LEAVE BELLA ALONE, I then throw my teddy bear at the zombies.  The teacher also said that the zombie owns her a new shoe due to she lost them all when she throws them. Then It was on to the rollercoaster part! O my god that was a big and fun rollercoaster! Then We all got wet when we went into decontamination area and we just all have shaken it off but that was the best ending ride ever. One of the other students said that we should have worn a helmet and I so agree on that.

Then well we waited for the other group to go through we watch them and talk to each other. I saw the teacher was wearing no shoes, so I decided to play with her feet as we watch the other on the ride. She was laughing and said not the toes and of course, I decided to keep at it. Once the teacher stop laugh she told me I was the toe culprit and I laugh about that





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