Frist Drama Class and Last?

Even though this was a fun class and I like it a lot, the class was very disorganized and very confusing when she gave instruction. But I did, however, enjoy the best I could with my time there.

Last week she asks everyone to come in as fairy tale characters because we are currently studying characters and costume. Also, we will be dressing up again for tomorrow class. Once dressed she told us what to do, I will ask you to come up here and tell me a bit about yourself (your character). The goal is to be a character everyone recognizes.

Example “I love books and find it difficult to connect with the other people in my town. The person I love lives in a castle and has an obsession with a rose… he also has a bit of temper. Who am I?”

of course, know a lot about Disney I know right away, but she also made it easy. So I was the first to raise my hand and guessed Bell. And yes it was corrected, this part was a lot of fun. But at the same time frustrating because a lot of kids want to guess like me and raise their hand. Sadly some never even tried because first to raise here hand get to answer, I wish she did something different from this method.  To prove my point how one kid could dominate the guessing I raise mine hand two more times. Faster than anyone, sadly I was correct the first one to raise their hands get to guess. Last time I raise my hand I also said you can skip me if you want, she did and did the next child. But to see this part being hard for not one child to speak but for a lot of children not easy.

Next, she wanted to quickly slip in the assignment for our next class, little did she know it was not quick. She also said I was hoping to do this today but we ran out of time… I want you to teach pair up. Which tell me more that she does not really plan ahead much, yes with a lot of kids and RL going I understand it hard to keep on track but still, at least you have a plan.

The assignment is to create a little skit,  It’s a very short type of play that usually takes place in only one scene. Like what she said kind of like a slice of life, which was nice to compare for understanding. But here where all hades broke loose, she ask us to all pair up with someone, then she will assign our group with a scene. She starts to assign the scene but was not even say the names or who it was belonging to. So it took an extra 30 or so minutes to get all squared out.  In the end that class was more stress trying to figure the thing out then fun.

Suggestion for this class, try and make a small group of us, like a small group/team so we can do the daily assignment in the group. One it will be a little faster and two there be more chance for the kids to raise there hands and guess. Another thing is to try and give the assignment out please put in a notecard and send to everyone, let them read it. Then when we are ready you can go through a list of children and ask them who they will like as a partner then give them their part of the assignment.


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